Atlas  – Close (Loudmouth Collective)

Automatic Tasty – Tropic Exchange (Lunar Disco)

Bird On Wire And Dave Nuremberg – Dry Cleanse (Risc Records)

Breakage – Mother Earth (Bassbin)

Breen – For What Do We Hope (Vision Collector)

Bumble – West In Motion (Wheaterall Drum/fire Mix) (Mother Records)

Chymera – Melodrama (Iterate Recordings)

Cignol – Teatoaster (Lunar Disko)

David Kennedy – Xox (First Second Label)

Decal – Ladies Love My 808 (Road Relish)

Dennis Mcnulty – Still Seams (Deaf Compilation 2)

Eamonn Doyle – Restless (DEAF Compilation 3)

Fish Go Tech – Silver (Red Records) 

Frankie Bingo – Cold With Out You (Loudmouth Collective)

Herv – I Didn’t Hear Anyone Asking For A Rewind (The Centrifuge)

Hunter Gatherer – Nerve Ending Love

Hunter Gatherer You’re Dead After School (Self – released)

Hunter Gatherer – Nighthood (Self – released)

Ickis Mirolo – The Space Between Feat Margie Lewis (Weep Into The Sea Mix) (Self-released)

Ickis Mirolo – Fish (First Second Label)

John Braine -trontesephora – Headspace Recordings

Kyrstal Klear – Tried For Your Love (Hudmo Remix) (All City)

Lakker – Spider Silk (Killekill)

Legion Of Two – Handling Noise (Legion Of One Remix) (Deaf Compilation 8)

Lerosa – Il Nostro Tempo (Slow Motion Records)

Lerosa – Regret (D1)

Liquid Wheel – Blue (Red Records)

Mad Sound Disease – MoonBoom (Lunar Orbit Mix) (Inner Conscience Records)

Mick Chillage – Dreaming Cities (TXT recordings)

Mick Chillage – Nosis (self-released)

Naptha – Soundclash 1 Vip Mix (The Fear And Ruff Revival)

No Face – AAT Loop1 (Unreleased)

No Face – AAT Loop3  (Unreleased)

No Face – AAT Loop6  (Unreleased)

Northwall – The List (Chuillean)

Paul Smith – Marbles 2  (DEAF Compilation 2)

Piratio – An Eagle Named Tahisia (Risc Records

Polska – Spawntain – (DEAF Compilation 2)

Polska – Taught (Breakin) 

Rainfear – From Place To The Ground – (DEAF 2009 Compilation)

Redahan Ft Naoise Fitzgerald – Bon Bon (Loudmouth Collective)

Redahan – Drips (Loudmouth Collective)

Richie Kaboogie – Buoyancy (Unreleased)

Richie Kaboogie – Moving  (Unreleased)

Rob Rowland – Top Pixel Action (D1)

Rogue Frequency – Hadron (Take Over Recordings)

Sarsparilla – The Count (Kaboogie)

Skm – 1Off (Red Records)

Sound Crowd Orchestra – 6th Season (Red Records) 

Sound Crowd Orchestra – 5th Season (Red Records)

Sound Crowd Orchestra – Energy Rush (Red Records)

St Catherine’s Home For Lazy Infants – Tangle Hair (DEAF 8)

The Nihilist – Jungle Bizz 2 (unreleased)

Welfare – Supa Trupa (Kaboogie)

White Collar Boy – Long Way Home Feat Gemma Dunleavy (self-released)